Rep Your Steez

Welcome to the first edition of Rep Your Steez 2023. This Jam is taking place at Malmö Festivalen, one of the biggest festivals in this city – concerts, international food market, dance, good vibes and people from all over the world. Don’t miss out, join us at Rep Your Steez in Malmö this 12 of august.  

The event consists of a 2 vs 2 Breaking battle where the winner gets the title

 ”You Rep your steez” and 9000 SEK

Who’s gonna bring home the title? 

”Rep Your Steez” Top 16 battle method: 

+ 3 rounds each couple that means one solo each Bgirl/bboy + one commando until the final

+ In the semifinal gonna takes places a special category: ”Each one, Teach one”

+ Final 8 minutes free battle



Bgirl SB – Sweden – Twisted Feet / Leftover Fam crew

Samuka – Brazil – Df Zulu / ILL Abilities crew

Fero – Turkey – 2 much Underground / Natural Effects Crew


King Skraam – Sweden – Breaklife NYC / 7 gems crew


Dirty Jens – Nigeria/Sweden – Feed the floor / Sjukstugan crew


9000 Swedish Crowns

Free Registration

In commemoration of the 50 years anniversary of Hip – Hop. 

Rep Your Steez want to invite you to the Hip – Hop 50 Anniversary Panel: 

From the streets to the olympics

How to come to Malmö?

If you are planning to come to Sweden it is pretty easy to make it. 

From your current location to Copenhagen Kastrup. After arriving in Kastrup you have to take the train Cph – Malmö.

Around 20-25 m takes the train to the Malmö Central Station. You can buy your ticket for 12€ at the ticket office DSB and automatic machines that area located on the right – hand side of the arrival hall in terminal #3. 

You may find the track to Malmö beside the ticket machines


14:00  Start of the event – Inscriptions

14:10 Capoeira Roda

14:50  Start of Prelims

15:50  Judges Performance

16:10  Reep your steez Top 16

17:00  Let’s get down – Breaking Workshop

17:15  Top 8  

17:40  Top 4 – Special category ”Each one, teach one”

17:55  Hip – Hop 50 year Anniversary Panel – From the streets to the olympics

18:20  Reep Your Steez –   Final Battle

  • Time : 14:00 - 18:30 (Europe/Stockholm)


Breaking Association Malmö

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