Breaking Association Malmö offers workshops and shows to all schools in Malmö and its wider region through Creative School ("Skapande Skola").

Together with some of Malmös best breakers, BAM offers students in Malmö and its wider region, to experience, try and be inspired by breaking through workshops and shows.

Workshop and dance

During the workshop, the students gets to learn the fundamentals within breaking and adapted after every students individual basis, we go through toprocks, downrocks, go-downs, freezes and power moves. The students will have the opportunity to express themselves musically and creatively, by using their bodies as the tool. Through coordination, technique, body control and acrobatic movements, the students will learn more about themselves and will dare to take steps in a direction they haven't explored before. 

Exhibition and show

Breaking is one of the most difficult and challenging freestyle dances out there. It challenges cardio, physical stamina, and explosiveness, but also the individuals' ability to be musical and creative. Through our shows, the students will have the chance to witness a wow experience, be inspired by breaking at a high level, and also be introduced to a few of Malmös best breakers!

Would students at your school like to try breaking?

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