As our projects get better and bigger, clear cooperation conditions are required.

Our projects always have a project manager who is authorized to make agreements within the framework of the project. However, the following conditions apply to all projects:

Services and products that are invoiced may only take place after agreed delivery. The agreed price always includes VAT and payment terms of at least 30 days

Invoice must contain price, specific service or product as well as project and project manager.

Salary is paid after filling in the service form, to which the project manager shares a link. If expenses such as travel expenses or other items have been filled in, receipts must be emailed.

When the project manager has approved the sum, we proceed to payment. Payment is made on the 25th of the month after the project manager has approved the amount.

For international payments, these are made either against an invoice or against expenses with receipts. Salary cannot be paid abroad. The recipient pays any fees for international payments